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Cause Film Festival is an annual Short Film Festival providing a platform for film makers to promote worthy causes through the art of film and entertainment. With Cause, you really can make a difference.


Our Mission

To support film makers and anyone who wants to spread the message of a worthy cause to a wider audience through the art of entertainment. All profits will be donated to the cause or charity represented by the winning film.

I didn’t really know what to expect but yeah it was great, the filmmakers are so talented really inspirational messages, I thought it was excellent I really enjoyed it
— Jodie Hoad, Cause Film Festival audience member
It is sensational, it’s one way that people can promote their motivation and their action to help the community and we need more people like this, people who are passionate about sharing this type of message that we need in our community and around the world as well
— Beldluz Paredes, Cause Film Festival audience member
Really really enjoyed watching each of the movies! Each one you could take a new message from and think about what is actually happening in the community and think maybe we need to do better.
— Stephanie Bridger, Cause Film Festival audience member

What We've Achieved

  • 2019 Cause Film Festival reaches its 5th Birthday and throws a party to celebrate!

  • 2018 Cause Film Festival generated buzz for our filmmakers - Hope 103.2 featured 3 of our filmmakers on radio interviews and Star Central magazine featured interviews with many of our winners in their magazine

  • 2018 enjoyed the company of Laura Bennett from Hope 103.2 who interviewed our filmmakers on the red carpet

  • 2018 Star Central Magazine came on board as media partner

  • 2018 Riverside Theatre in Parrammatta hosted the evening for the 3rd year running

  • 2018 Cause Film Festival donated $1,314 to the winning film’s nominated charity

  • 2017 Cause Film Festival awards night was attended by 160 people

  • 2017 Cause Film Festival donated all proceeds (over $850) to the winning charity

  • 2017 sets up an official Judging Panel of industry professionals

  • 2016 Cause Film Festival awards night was attended by MP Julie Owens

  • 2016 Cause Film Festival awards night held at Riverside Theatre Parrammatta for the first time. The venue was a hit!

  • 2015 Cause Film Festival was held at the Ritz Cinema

  • 2014 Cause Film Festival was founded by Yolandi Franken who wanted to help as many people as possible raise awareness for their causes

Help us keep Cause Film Festival running!

Every donation has a direct impact on the Cause Film Festival's mission. We rely on donations, film submission fees and Awards Night ticket sales to run the festival and to have enough left over to donate to the winning film's charity.

Your contribution will help us to keep this non-profit film festival running and reach more people to help spread messages of good causes.

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