Cause Film Festival 2019
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These are the Top Ten Films for the 2019 Cause Film Festival.

Please review the synopses of the films below and then hit “Vote!” to vote for your favourite filmmaker or charitable cause! The films will be screened on the Awards Night at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta.

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ARLO (Twenty ten)

It is a relaxing Sunday morning. Drew and Liesel relax with books while their son, Arlo, happily runs around the backyard in his favourite fairy dress. Then there is a knock at the door, a surprise visit from Liesel's conservative parents...

Wayne Tunks: Director/Writer/Producer
Nicholas Price: Producer

End Child Sacrifice.jpg

end child sacrifice (droplets in a stream)

In parts of Uganda, Child Sacrifice is a new phenomenon masquerading as old tradition. These are the stories of people affected by Child Sacrifice and the people behind the organisation trying to put an end to this modern evil.

Nick Andrews: Director

Guest of Honor.jpg

Guest of Honor (american heart association)

Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives.

Lisa Belcher: Write/Director/Producer
Christian Olteanu: Producer
Lukas Hassel: Writer

Last Seen Alive.jpg

Last Seen Alive (lifeline)

A short film about the moments in time after we are last seen alive.

A chance encounter brings mutual comfort as a broken man connects with a young woman bearing her own crippling sadness.

Dan Walls: Director/Writer/Producer


MILLY (The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide)

The definition of hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Just over two years ago, Ali and Tom heard those agonising, heartbreaking words that no parent ever wants to hear. At just five years old, Milly was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

Milly, with the support of her parents Ali and Tom, younger brother, Archie, and older sister, Alani, spent the last two and a half years fighting ALL. A film of hope, determination and courage; Milly teaches the viewers the true definition of a hero.

Lily Drummond: Director/Writer/Producer

Old Fart.jpg

Old fart (University research into ageing)

The silver haired gent can be spiritual but he's cranky and fading to invisible. Having trouble believing in his worth, he hires a film crew to tell us about his predicament.

David O’Brien: Director/Writer/Producer

Someone Cares.jpg

Someone Cares (Vincent's Project for the Homeless)

A young boy on a quest to help the homeless one bag at a time.

Corey Booth: Director
Jillian Tunbridge: Writer
William Pacquiao: Producer

The Daycare.jpg

The Daycare (Takis dog shelter)

A retired SAS veteran and his son employ an unorthodox approach to deal with perpetrators of abuse.

Mark Hensley: Director/Producer
Peggy Lewis: Writer

The Horses.jpg

The horses (The Thoroughbred and Veterans Welfare Alliance)

Max, a traumatised war veteran, finds healing working with a traumatised ex-racehorse.

Nick Barkla: Director/Writer/Producer
Robert Drane: Writer

Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the machine (Pokies play you)

Clara meets a machine who makes her feel like a winner. But with this machine, winning is impossible...

David Lowe: Director/Writer/Producer
Eve Jeffery: Writer/Producer